About Avori

Avori is a full-time Video Game Streamer and Content Creator with over 1.5M followers across Twitch, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Avori got her start in 2017 when a viral Twitch clip led to her dropping out of the Miss America Pageant to pursue a full-time career as a streamer.

In 2019, Avori was invited to join Team USA and compete in the PUBG Nation vs Nation tournament in Mexico City. Team USA went undefeated in the tournament vs Team Mexico.

in 2021, Avori was cast in Season 1 of the Netflix revival of The Mole, which filmed that summer in Australia. The show is available now on Netflix!

Avori strives to create entertaining, family-friendly content across all of her social media. To catch her content when its fresh, follow her on her socials!


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